1. Services
    • Consulting in process engineering and high technology areas such as plasmas, nuclear, energy, radio frequency, space etc.
    • Owners engineering;
    • Engineering, Design, Procurement, Construction and Project management (EPCM);
    • Turnkey plants or EPC;
    • Commissioning and optimisation of plants.

  2. Design Experience
    • Various plants in the nuclear energy field;
    • Plants for fluorine-containing chemicals;
    • Landfill methane purification;
    • Process design of a coke calcining and purification plants;
    • Plants to beneficiate minerals;
    • Materials handling;
    • Process plant of a general nature.

  3. Commissioning Experience
    • Various plants as per project list.

  4. Industry Sectors Serviced
    • Nuclear;
    • Energy;
    • Char and coke;
    • Minerals (beneficiation) including Silicon, Titanium, Zircon, Niobium, Uranium.
    • General.